Kazakhstan to help Kabul in economic rehabilitation

Kazakhstan to help Kabul in economic rehabilitation

KABUL: The Government of Kazakhstan has shown interest not only in exporting its products to Afghanistan, but also its goods to reach the markets of other countries via Afghanistan.

Kazakhstan Trade Minister Bakhyt Sultanov told Afghan Acting Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi during a meeting in Kabul that the economic rehabilitation of Afghanistan was of significance to his country. The Minister was leading a delegation of Kazakh traders.

“Kazakhstan was eager connect to Peshawar through Uzbekistan-Afghanistan railway and to Chabahar, Iran through Herat province,” Mr. Sultanov told Muttaqi, adding the Kazakh Government was ready to facilitate banking ties with Afghanistan.

According to Mr. Sultanov, at least 250 Kazakh companies were in contact with Afghanistan, 16 representatives of which have already arrived in Kabul and more investors to follow them.

Foreign Minister Muttaqi hailed Kazakh Government humanitarian aid and its support to Kabul on international stages and assured Kazakh trade delegation of Afghanistan’s ability to connect Kazakhstan to South Asia backed by firm security following the recent changes.

He also called on Kazakhstan to provide educational scholarships in technical and other areas to Afghan students.