Taiwanese Grace Tseng sets off to climb K2

Taiwanese Grace Tseng sets off to climb K2
Selfie (with filters) of Tseng on Manaslu last month. Photo: Grace Tseng/Instagram

As Taiwanese climber Grace Tseng seeks to conquer world’s 14 peaks over 8,000 meters high, she has finally sets off to climb K2, world’s second-highest mountain located in Pakistan.

She sets off to K2 with the support of sherpas Nima Gyalzen, Chhiring, Dawa, Furi, Ngima Tendi, Ningma Dorje Tamang, Tashi Sherpa,” Karrar Haidri, Secretary Alpine Club of Pakistan told Karakoram News.

Grace Tseng will not only be a Taiwanese’s first attempt to scale the mountain in the winter but will also be the first time in the world that a woman will do so. The climbers will have to challenge temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius.

K2 is considered the most difficult peak above 8,000 meters to climb. Even the successful ascents to K2 is lower than to reach Mount Everest.