Wushu artist Irfan Mehsood achieves 45th Guinness World Record

Wushu artist Irfan Mehsood achieves 45th Guinness World Record

PESHAWAR : Irfan Mehsood, Pakistan’s leading Wushu/Kung Fu athlete has achieved his 45th Guinness World Record with most jumping jacks while carrying an 80 lb pack in one minute. “The most jumping jacks carrying an 80 lb pack in one minute is 80, and was achieved by Irfan Mehsood (Pakistan) in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan,” announced the record.

Originally hailed from South Waziristan, Irfan Mehsood had performed the feat on November 2, 2021; after due process, the Guinness World Records announced the result on Friday. Earlier, Egyptian Muhammad Ayub was holding the record with 72 jumping jacks.

Inspired by Jackie Chan’s martial arts film ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ to become a martial artist, Irfan Mehsood started pursuing career in Wushu 2005. In October 2016, Mehsood achieved his first Guinness World Records of the most full-contact knee strikes in one minute with one leg. He managed to get 87 strikes compared to the previous record holder’s 79 strikes.

Irfan Mehsood’s journey of breaking records continues and he has achieved his 45th world record by completing. He has set a target of achieving 50 records for himself.

The 31-year-old Mehsood holds a master’s degree in sports sciences and an MS degree in finance. In the field of Wushu, Mehsood is ‘Black Shash 2nd Duan’ (Black Belt 2nd Don).     

Irfan Mehsood runs “Lion’s Den,” a mixed martial arts (MMA) club in Dera Ismail Khan that he established in 2015. Since the inception of the academy, Irfan Mehsood has trained more than 500 youngsters. Passionate about MMA, more than 100 youngsters are currently getting training at Lion’s Den.